Author Topic: [Server Event] “Do It Before Daj”, Round 2!  (Read 149 times)

March 15, 2020, 09:41:48 AM
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[Server Event] “Do It Before Daj”, Round 2!
« on: March 15, 2020, 09:41:48 AM »
”Do It Before Daj”, Round 2
Join our community in learning an exclusive early-release sheet! ^^

Our previous project!

Introduction: What You’re In For!

The idea is simple: our community will be learning a cover together, and all the submitted cover videos will go on my channel before I release my regular cover of it!

Last time, we had five participants taking on “Ruins” from Undertale: four piano covers with their own individual slants on the theme, as well as one amazing flute-and-piano cover! This time, we’ve based the event on an easier sheet; we hope to open this event to as many people as possible, and as many creative takes on the sheet as possible.

Without further ado, then...

The Sheet!

Here it is! It’s the Night version of “Pokemon Center” from the Sinnoh games, scheduled for release in my upcoming Sinnoh album ^^

You may take in any of the three difficulties, and you are not limited to submitting a pure-piano cover if you’re feeling creative. Bottom line, we’d just like as many people to give a shot at learning a sheet and being featured as possible, so don’t be afraid to do whatever is within your reach!

Also, it is recommended that you only do one repeat of this sheet, which should last about two minutes. Feel free to do two repeats if you’d like, though!

(Normal Difficulty Audio Preview!)

(Easy Difficulty Audio Preview)

(Beginner Difficulty Audio Preview)

Signups, Deadlines, and Other Information

To sign up, head over to our Discord server (link on the forum index) and ping any online admin for the @Titans role! This will keep you updated on any further developments and grant you access to the Titans chat, where you can discuss your progress and ideas with the other event participants.

The deadline for this event is 18th May 2019. That’ll give you about two months to churn out your cover. Completing the event before the deadline will grant you the shiny @Master Titans role on the server!

To submit your entry, please upload a single video file (with edits if you’d like) to a cloud platform, then head over to Discord and ping me on the Titans chat or send it to me by direct message!

Finally, we’d just like to highlight it again—while shooting a piano cover is probably the easiest way to complete this event, you can also submit any other cover based on this sheet.

Looking forward to your submissions! ^^

Well then, this event is officially open! Please feel free to drop either Doug or myself a ping or message if you have any questions; hope you guys have fun shooting your covers :)
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Always thankful for this community and all of you awesome people <3

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