Author Topic: "Server Casters"! Voice Chat Podcasts, Anyone Can Host! ^^  (Read 932 times)

May 26, 2020, 10:45:06 PM
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In honour of Advos and Luxe, who gave life to the general-vc.

Server Casters! ^^

Ever wanted to talk about something with someone on the server, and make it into a discussion with as many people as you'd like?

Well, you always could! But now we're putting a system in place for it :p

How to Start!

There's only two conditions you need to note:
1. There must be at least two hosts;
2. You must agree to a certain time and a certain starting topic.

Once that's done, post your podcast slot on the #unofficial-events channel and ping the @Eventers! ^^

During the podcast, the two hosts will be doing most of the talking, but anyone can hop in and say stuff if they'd like! Turn it into a discussion, yknow.

Well, enjoy your podcasts everyone, and take care :))
Always thankful for this community and all of you awesome people <3

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