Author Topic: Boss Battle! vs. You!  (Read 876 times)

May 17, 2020, 01:48:54 AM
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Boss Battle! vs. You!
« on: May 17, 2020, 01:48:54 AM »
Hey everyone! Have you ever imagined what your battle music would be if you were a boss in a video game?


In any case, now's your chance to write your personal boss battle music! Let everyone know how much of a formidable foe or misunderstood creature or playful rival you are! And if there are enough entries, there will be a video showing off all of your awesome boss themes!

There are some hard guidelines however: your piece should be loopable (this can be easily achieved with repeat signs), and it should not exceed 3 minutes per loop. As well, please include both an mp3 and a pdf!

Any instrumentation is allowed: you can go with a solo piano reduction, a violin solo, a fully orchestrated theme, etc. as long as you provide a score of it!

If you desire, you can also include a paragraph describing how you came up with your music! Talk about what the different motifs represent, or what the structure means, or whatever you want! Don't make it an entire essay, though, keep it short and sweet! Alternatively, you could use this as an opportunity for some flavour text to introduce your boss (yourself!)

The current soft deadline for this will be  June 15, 2020. This will give you lots of time to ponder it and write your piece!

Don't know where to get started? Here are some tips:

- Think about motifs. These will unite your boss theme and will also be able to represent different aspects of your person!
- Think about structure. You can display different parts of your personality in different sections, or perhaps think about the contrast between sections as a tool!
- Think about texture. This will flesh out your piece and can also be used to your advantage to show off different dimensions of your personality!

Current entries can be found here:

Have fun!