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Community Events / Can We Get 10 Likes?
« on: February 05, 2021, 06:52:59 PM »
Didn't you say "10 likes and you will do an orchestration of Untitled Durian Composition"? :>

The Community Pokemon Playthrough Server / Checkpoints 5/6
« on: May 25, 2020, 06:56:46 PM »
Checkpoint 5/6

This one was a doozy, that's for sure. So, on the excused list, we have: tvbo, Bergentrueckung_, cabbage man, conalfisher, and Thojac, the usual poster of these forum threads. There was two weeks to do these two checkpoints, and lots of people turned it in last minute like some homework assignment...

Top Performers (Checkpoint 5)
First submitter: shadowlucario50 (16th May, 5:29PM MST)
Last submitter: Magneton (24th May, 10:59PM MST)
Most Seen: glitchando (39 Pokémon)
Fastest Time: Magneton (1 hour and 24 minutes)

Top Performers (Checkpoint 6)
First submitter: shadowlucario50 (11th May, 10:28PM MST)
Last submitter: Magneton (24th May, 10:59PM MST)
Most Seen: shadowlucario50 (55 Pokémon)
Fastest Time: glitchando (48 minutes)

Top Performers (Checkpoints 1-6)
Data Collector: shadowlucario50 (167 Pokémon)
Saving Memory: TheBlackBullets (112 Pokémon)
Speedrunner: glitchando (11 hours and 11 minutes)
Slow and Steady: shadowlucario50 (I Love Grinding, So...)
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112 hours and 56 minutes

The Fallen (Checkpoint 5/6)
ThatCreamyTaco: Randomizer, DeSmuMe
Natrix: None, DeSmuMe
Thorcoal: Psychic Monotype, DeSmuMe

Next Checkpoint
The next checkpoint is to go to Goldenrod City and put a stop to Team Rocket's invasion of Radio Tower! Once you defeat them, feel free to celebrate and enjoy the rest of the week! However, do not go to Route 44! The deadline is 6 PM GMT on May 31th.

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April 14th, 2020 - Created thread.
Hey, ShadowLucario50 here! There's a lot of fun or dumb moments we have within our playthroughs of these games, so this thread will be dedicated to sharing some of your favorite moments within your playthrough, or maybe just some fun things that happened within the community.

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